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Rep. John Katko and SU Professor Respond to President Trump's Voter Fraud Claims

John Smith

Congressmember John Katko says President Trump needs to “move on” from his claims of fraud in the absentee ballot count unless he can produce evidence to back up those claims.  The president unspooled numerous unfounded conspiracies and incorrect information last night as Joe Biden gained more votes in key states. 

Katko says Trump should respect the results unless and until he can produce proof that shows there’s a problem.


“Rhetoric is not evidence. That doesn’t work in court and shouldn’t work now. What works is evidence of an issue. If there’s an issue, show us the cold facts. If not, it’s time to move on.” said Katko, a former federal prosecutor.

SU Political Science Associate Professor Shana Gadarian says people need to keep believing in the systems in place.

“Trust in the electoral system is extraordinarily important. If we shatter that trust, then there are concerns about corruption and there are concerns about overturning elections on unclear bases, so it’s dangerous.” said Gadarian.

Gadarian says this also has implications for the peaceful transfer of power. 

As for his own race, Congressmember Katko says he’s confident he’ll maintain his 55,000 vote lead.  Even so, he’s filed a lawsuit to get a judge to oversee the counting of 70,000 absentee ballots.  Court documents list elections commissioners in Onondaga, Cayuga, Wayne and Oswego counties in the lawsuit.