Dana Balter Launches Petition Process, Opens New Campaign Office

Mar 10, 2020

Dana Balter spoke to a few dozen supporters, staff and volunteers Saturday. She was introduced by the President of the Syracuse University College Democrats.
Credit Nick Robertson / WAER News

Democratic congressional candidate Dana Balter officially launched the petitioning process to get her on the ballot Saturday morning. Balter ran against Rep. John Katko in 2018, but lost in the general election.

Now she seeks the nomination again, but without being the Party’s designee for the position. She is running against Francis Conole and Roger Misso in the June 23 primary.

"This is when it really gets good. We have just legions of volunteers our knocking on doors and talking to voters and that is the most exciting part, that's why we do this, politics is about people. It is a thrill to get out there and talk to voters, to hear from them about things that matter to them the most, to be able to talk about what we're fighing for and to feel the energy in the community for change," Balter said.  

In her speech to a large group of volunteers and campaign staff in the campaign’s new office in Syracuse, Balter focused on defeating Katko.

"In a moment in our history that calls for political courage, moral clarity and bold leadership, John Katko gives us none."

Balter also held a free breakfast for supporters and voters before the event, and called out Katko’s $1000 per plate breakfast fundraiser held earlier that morning with Calif. Rep. Devin Nunes.

"Where your elected official takes the time to listen to you, not because you pay them $1000 to have breakfast with them, but because it's their job."

Balter needs 1,250 signatures from registered Democrats by April 2 to qualify for the ballot.