Get a Glimpse of Downtown Syracuse Living Options During Annual Tour

May 13, 2015

The Courier Bldg on Montgomery Street is one of the buildings featured in the Downtown Living Tour.
Credit Rob Romano/WAER News

 Central New Yorkers curious about living downtown will get their chance to see what it has to offer this weekend. A self-guided walking tour is being put on this Saturday that opens the doors to 8 different buildings from apartments to condos. Executive Director of the Downtown Committee of Syracuse Merike  Treier says downtown has a lot of housing to offer.

“Downtown is incredibly walkable and what we always enjoy seeing are all these different development projects springing up. Outside of Clinton Square is another great example. We have the Amos building with housing up there, Creekwalk Commons is another new addition, and there are a number of new additions located on Genesee Street.  So, you’ve got these different pieces of downtown that are developing. As the energy sort of spreads out from them, it makes our neighborhood so much more well-connected”                

Treier also says that 40% of the city’s downtown population is associated with the universities and hospitals on the hill. But she says the young professionals living downtown may soon be replaced with families.

The Pike Block project will be the starting point for this year's Downtown Living Tour

  “Typically, the downtown residents are sort of those young professionals and those empty-nesters. It’s been exciting just over the past couple of months as the snow has melted. We are starting to see some more families living downtown. There are a couple of strollers that we have seen walking throughout the district which is a neat change” 

Treier says there are usually more than 2,000 people that take the downtown living tour. 

The 9th annual walking tour is this Saturday from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. It begins at the Pike Block on 320 South Salina Street where participants can buy or pick up tickets that can be reserved through tomorrow.  The tour also has a rest stop at the Dey's Building lobby on Salina Street where people can enjoy music from Symphoria from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.