GOP Assembly Candidate Ed Ott Blames Albany's "Destructive Culture" for Syracuse's Struggles

Jun 11, 2018

GOP Assembly Candidate Ed Ott stands in the vacant swath of land formerly occupied by the Kennedy Square complex. He's hoping to unseat long-time incumbent Bill Magnarelli in the 129th district.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

A candidate for state assembly says the large swath of vacant land once occupied by the demolished Kennedy Square complex in Syracuse is just one of many examples of Albany’s broken promises.  Republican Edward Ott stood near South Crouse and East Water Street, where he says grand plans from mixed-use development to a stadium fell flat after the complex was torn down five years ago. 

He says the pattern of lost hope is repeated throughout the 129th district…

"You get a clear picture of what happens when  commitments of bettering your community get overtaken by complacency, and you let Albany's destructive culture of corruption, unfunded mandates and overregulation dictate what's best for your constituents."

Ott is seeking to unseat long-time democrat Bill Magnarelli, who he pointed out has been in office longer than his 15-year-old son has been alive.  Ott says residents deserve safe neighborhoods to raise their children, decent housing, and a better life.

"Instead they've got broken promises, boarded up businesses, dilapidated houses, and a sense of hopelessness from being stuck in a cycle of poverty due to a lack of employment opportunities because of Albany's anti-business culture."

Ott says repealing the scaffold law and simplifying the complicated worker’s compensation process would go a long way toward streamlining regulations that choke the life out of businesses.  He says the numbers bear it out:  the state has among the highest tax burdens in the nation, and Syracuse is one of the poorest cities.  Ott feels Magnarelli’s nearly 20 years is long enough…

"Being in the same position for such a long time, complacency sets in.  And you wind up losing touch with the people you're representing.  I think I would bring a fresh perspective."

Ott knows he has an uphill battle against the entrenched and well-funded democrat.  But he says he’s not deterred, and up to the challenge.  He says it took him three times to get through college, and has lived with Asperger’s syndrome for nearly his entire life.