Minoa Mayor Hopes to Find Solution to Longtime Flooding Problem Near Railroad Tracks

Jun 11, 2013

Sen Schumer helps Minoa try to work out flooding problem with CSX Railroad company.
Credit villageofminoa.com

The Village of Minoa is hoping for a solution to a long-standing flooding problem that is affecting all the houses adjacent to the rail yard. 

Village Mayor Dick Donovan says C-S-X Transportation is failing to maintain the railways, and his residents are complaining.

“There’s ditches that are made to take the water off the railroad and for a number of years there have been allowed to have all sort of things growing in that area.  And in some cases on the south side, which is where the main tracks are, there are all sorts of debris.  It has literally plugged the ability to drain that area.”

Donovan says he has tried to reach the company for years to fix the problem, but has gotten no reply. 


He turned to Senator Charles Schumer for help, and now C-S-X will meet with the mayor and the Minoa Department of Public Works on Thursday to find a solution.  Donovan says he believes responsibility for maintenance will fall on the railroad company.

“Railroads are dangerous and you need to have people that have the equipment and can deal with the train traffic.  They really have that equipment that we don’t have to do what needs to be done.”

Donovan says he hopes the meeting will bring about a long lasting solution for the upkeep of the railways.