NY Geothermal Industry Relieved by Cuomo's Support Amidst Green Energy Concerns

Feb 10, 2017

A crowd of geothermal industry insiders and supports alongside New York State Senators show Governor Cuomo their support for a geothermal tax credit bill.
Credit Robert G. Ortt / NY State Senate

As the Trump Administration withdraws green energy policies, Governor Cuomo is investing $15 million to support geothermal installs.  Environmental groups across the state are feeling relieved.  Bill Nowak of NY Geo says many homeowners will benefit with $6,000  installation rebates.

“It was a great day for New York State," Nowak said. "Not just for the industry, but for homeowners across the state that are concerned about their energy bills and also concerned about the impact we’re having on the climate.”

He adds the organization worked together with environmental groups from Syracuse and the city council to rally support around geothermal.  Nowak hopes homebuilders and current homeowners will consider the alternative heating and cooling option.  He says there are about 1,000 geothermal workers across the state.

“One of the beauties of geothermal is that the equipment is all manufactured in the U.S. unlike some of the other technologies where you’ve got a lot of Chinese manufacturing, and it’s also very labor intensive. So, it’s about excavating in a lawn or drilling down and it’s about working in a basement to set up the heat pump in the basement and connected with the heating ducts of a home.”

A geothermal well below Salina St.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

Governor Cuomo set the goal for the state to achieve a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gases created by homes and businesses.  Renee Vogelsang with New Yorkers for Clean Power says the support from the state comes at a pivotal moment to address climate change.

“With 35 percent of the greenhouse gases coming from heating and cooling our buildings in New York, it was critical that we had the support for people who installed geothermal but also critical to supporting geothermal jobs in New York. It’s a growing industry.”

Vogelsang says a new study by the group E2 shows that New York has about 85,000 jobs in clean energy industries.  Find out more about the technology at ny-geo.org.

Further information about Governor Cuomo's new geothermal plan can be found at this article from the Governor's website.