Popular Life-Size Dinosaurs to Take Up Permanent Residence at The MOST

May 15, 2019

MOST President Lauren Kochian says dinosaurs from the mesozoic era will be on permanent exhibit starting in mid-July. A Triceratops is watching us closely in the foreground, and a Tyrannosaurus is in the back.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

Fans of the popular, life-size dinosaur exhibit that’s visited the Museum of Science and Technology many times over the years will soon be able to see it anytime.  The MoST announced today that they’re devoting three-thousand square feet of space for a permanent exhibit called Dino Zone.  MOST president Lauren Kochian says the dinosaurs have always been popular over the past three decades.

"This last Dinomania that came last fall was my first expereince with Dinomania.  When it left in January,  I said, 'why don't we have dinosaurs all the time?'  It was serendipitous that the company we used all seven times was looking to actually sell the exhibit."

Kochian says the idea to buy it was well-received by board members and donors, and companies are already interested in sponsoring individual dinosaurs.  For example, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que was quick to support the Tyrannosaurus rex, which is part of their logo.  The Dino Zone will replace the café, which Kochian says is a better use of that space.

The Dino Zone will replace the cafe.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

"The people who use the cafe the most are students on field trips.  We do a lot of workshops downstairs by the planetarium, where we have classroom.  We thought, why don't we move the cafe by the classroom, and take this prime real estate for the dinos?  The square footage worked out perfectly."

Kochian says Dino Zone will include the same, immersive floor-to-ceiling experience with realistic sights and sounds.  The permanent exhibit will open to the public on July 11th, with a grand opening weekend July 13th and 14th.