Rep. Brindisi Asks Residents to "Flood the IJC" With Their Stories in Wake of Lake Ontario Flooding

Oct 25, 2019

Flooding on Sodus Point in June.
Credit Veronica Volk / WXXI News

A Central New York Congressmember says a lack of response by the International Joint Commission about recent Lake Ontario flooding events is why he’s launched an online letter writing campaign. Anthony Brindisi represents eastern portions of Oswego County and plans to write weekly. 

He wants residents and businesses to metaphorically “Flood The IJC” with their stories.

“It’s an expense not only in terms of the money, but also the emotional element of it, and I think the IJC needs to know that.” said Brindisi.

Brindisi already fears what’s ahead next spring because he says the lake’s water levels are already too high. Brindisi says he’s toured flooded homes and businesses.

“Prior to Plan 2014, for almost 50 years the shipping interests, the energy interests, and the residential and commercial interests along the shore line were able to live in harmony. And it’s only since this plan has gone into effect where we’ve seen this devastating flooding.” said Brindisi.

The Congress member adds more intervention from the US State Department is necessary in order to exert pressure on the IJC.  Anyone who would like to write to the commission can go to his website to fill out  an online survey.  Just look for the “Flood The IJC”.