SU and CNY Go Purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Oct 18, 2017

SU's Hall of Languages glows purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Orange and blue are the colors you normally see on the Syracuse University campus.  But Thursday and for the rest of the month, purple will also be seen both on campus and around Central New York to raise awareness about domestic violence. While the effort ramps up in October, director of the office of health promotion at SU Katelyn Cowen says information and support resources are available year-round.

"We have a counseling center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for students to call who are in need of any sexual or relationship violence support services.  And we have a number of other resources on campus, and we really make sure to keep in touch with those offices to get a good sense of the number of students seeking support.  Unfortunately, there are students who are impacted, but we always want students to be seeking services and resources as they need them."

SU's Health Office is also decorated in purple.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

Cowen says her office has partnered with a number of peer volunteers, who work together to create an open space where students can feel free to speak out about their experiences and seek support from their fellow peers.  She says they all try to be as inclusive as possible.

"So, thinking about men, women, folks who don't identify as men or women, but somewhere on the spectrum.   Or, transgender.  We are seeing a very diverse group of peers, and it's been wonderful to see how many students want to get involved."

A number of programs and events will be held throughout the month on campus to raise awareness about relationship violence, from a clothesline project and a decorating contest to handing out banner making kits to those interested.  In addition, SU's Hall of Languages will be illuminated purple each night for the rest of the month.