SU Lerner Center: Child Poverty Rates in Single-Mother Families Are Falling, But Gap Remains

Feb 4, 2020

This chart by Xiaoyan Zhang shows the decline in child poverty rates over the past few decades, but also displays the gap between for single-mother families.
Credit Xiaoyan Zhang / Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion

There’s a large gap in child poverty rates between single-mother families and single-father families. Since 1974, child poverty rates among single-mother families has often rested above 35%, whereas the latter has consistently been under 25%.

But a research brief from Xiaoyan Zhang at the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion in Syracuse shows that single mother family child poverty has been declining since 2014. Zhang used census data to plot and examine this trend as a part of her broader research in social determinants of health.