Syracuse Mayoral Cadidate Pat Hogan Unveils Equal Rights Plan

Aug 12, 2013

Syracuse mayoral candidate Pat Hogan further expanded his campaign platform Monday by releasing his Equal Rights Plan.

Credit Chris Bolt, WAER News

 His agenda includes forming a proactive force to insure equality in city government, supporting immigrant communities, and ending the homelessness crisis.  He also stressed the importance of protecting the city’s senior community, and criticized Mayor Stephanie Miner for closing the Ida Benderson Senior Center for budget reasons.

“I think the money angle - I mean we easily found money for that. If you remember, our budget included opening the Ida Benderson Center and our budget concludes this year for money for the Ida Benderson Center. Some of her [Mayor Stephanie Miner] statements show an appalling lack of knowledge regarding the Ida Benderson Center.”

If elected, Hogan says he intends on reopening the senior facility and re-starting its programs.  Part of his equality agenda also includes a focus on improving training and accountability of Syracuse Police.  Hogan says he’s especially shocked by the city’s mishandling of an incident where Syracuse police officers forcibly removed disabled resident Brad Hulett from a Centro bus back in May.

By no means am I criticizing the men and women of the Syracuse Police Department; they do a fine job. But I am criticizing the leadership of the Syracuse Police Department for their lack of response, lack of professionalism in handling this issue. There should have been some sort of response from the Police Department and the Mayor’s Office.”

The Mayor, Police Chief, Onondaga County Sheriff, and Centro have all declined comment because of Hulett’s pending litigation.  Alfonso Davis is also in the race for Mayor.