Syracuse University to Go Completely Smoke-Free (almost)

Nov 11, 2014

   Syracuse University officials have taken the first step in going completely smoke-free. A letter was sent out earlier today to Syracuse students, faculty, and staff, stating that Syracuse University will become a smoke-free campus beginning July 1, 2015.  Officials say this will allow the campus to provide a healthy environment for students to thrive.  All Syracuse University owned buildings will be going smoke-free including all outdoor venues with the exception of the Carrier Dome, the Sheraton Hotel, Drumlins, and Syracuse Stage. It is expected these facilities will be smoke-free by 2017, though.

A no smoking sign is displayed on the doors of the Schine Student Center at Syracuse University.
Credit Scott Stabbert /

     Many students have expressed their responses to this new turnaround. Many believe it is for the better good of the campus community. Some even say it will remove those triggers from former smokers. The University is offering on-campus events and support groups for those with concerns or looking to quit smoking.

These include:

·       a tobacco-free campus website which provides a place for feedback

·       information sessions on the new policy

·       celebration events for the Great American Smoke-Out

·       student-led activities

·       support groups for those looking to quit tobacco

   The idea of going smoke-free has been in the works for over ten years. That task is finally becoming a reality. The hope of this new policy is to allow Syracuse University’s campus and community to be a more respectful and comfortable place to work, learn, and live.