They're Watching...and They Want You to Know it: 10 More Crime Cameras in Syracuse

Jul 1, 2015

That blue light is tells people the Crime Camera is on, and is meant as a deterrent to downtown crime
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  People in downtown Syracuse will be covered by the watchful eye of crime cameras in more places from this point forward.  The Downtown Committee had a little different reason to seek out the high-tech crime fighting tools.

The latest crime cameras in Syracuse are going up in one of its safest neighborhoods.  Statistics show downtown Syracuse has one of the lowest violent crime rates anywhere in the city.  But downtown Committee President Merike Treier sought out the cameras to keep it that way.

“Downtown is thriving.  In the past 10 years our residential population has increased 43 % and more companies are demonstrating their commitment to downtown by moving into the district.  More than $340 million in investment is underway currently and it’s very important to us that our residents, our visitors, our downtown property owners and our businesses continue to feel safe in the downtown district.”

This camera location at Fayette and Salina Streets is one of 10 in high pedestrian traffic areas.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  The ten cameras will cost $134-thousand to install…$78-thousand of that came from a grant secured by Assembly Member Bill Magnarelli.  They’re dotted around armory square, along Salina and Warren Streets (Camera Placement Map Below), focusing on places where there’s a lot of pedestrian traffic and more potential growth.

Developer Jim Breuer chairs the Downtown Committee.  He adds the hotel Syracuse renovation is another positive change to protect.

“It shows an excitement in downtown, an excitement we’d like to continue.  Our population now has grown to over 3100 residents.  There’s a number of residential projects in the works; we’re going to be bringing more people downtown.  We want people to have a memorable experience in downtown, to feel comfortable.”

Downtown Committee Statistics show people feel safe, but want cameras as deterrent

  • 70% feel safe all or most of the time downtown
  • 60% say cameras would enhance sense of safety
  • 85% thought cameras were a viable tool to reduce crime

         survey of business and property owners

Officials say businesses owners thought the cameras might make their customers and out-of-town visitors feel safer as well.  Most of the units are up…and can be seen with flashing blue lights – adding to the deterrent effect.

Red Dots show the new crime camera locations; Green Dots are existing cameras; Yellow Triangles are radio relay stations for data.