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Kendall Phillips

  • On this week's episode of Pop Life Kendall Phillips is joined by Jared Case. Jared is the Curator of Film Exhibitions at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. He joins the show to share what is being done in Western New York to persevere classic cinema, photography and more.Kendall and Jared discuss, the difference between cinema and a home theater, the history of film preservation, and the nitrate film festival in Rochester, New York.
  • On this episode of Pop Life Kendall Phillips is joined by TJ Billard. TJ is an assistant professor in the School of Communication, his research spans political communication, the sociology of social movements, and transgender studies, with a primary focus on the relationship between media and the US transgender rights movement.Kendall and TJ discuss Pop Culture through the lens of transgender representation.Historically how has; or hasn’t, pop culture served the needs of the trans community? What have been consequences of negative representation of trans people? And what does authentic representation look like?Have a questions or an idea for a future episode? Connect with on Twitter and Instagram to let your voice be heard.Want more Pop Life? Subscribe in Apple Podcasts or Stitcher for automatic delivery of new episodes.
  • On this episode of Pop Life Kendall Phillips chats with author Mark Dawidziak about Edgar Allen Poe. A journalism graduate of George Washington University, Dawidziak has worked as a theater, film and television critic since 1979. His latest book examines the death and life of Poe. This week's conversation look at the aspects of Poe's life that many have wrong, measuring the impact of his literary work, and how his legacy lives on today.
  • On this episode of Pop Life, Kendall Phillips chats with Professor Ju Oak (Jade) Kim. They discuss the growing surge in popular content coming out of Korea and making its way to the US. This includes taking a look at PSY, Squid Game, and zombies in Korea.
  • Pop Life Host Kendall Philipps chats with Producer Kevin Kloss about the best in pop culture from 2022, and what they're looking forward to in the coming year.
  • On this episode of Pop Life, Kendall Phillips chats with Keith and Julie Giglio. This husband-wife screenwriting duo who met while attending NYU Grad Film school. Their produced films include most recently Reba McEntire’sChristmas in Tune, Dear Christmas, A Very Nutty Christmas, and Christmas Reservations.Kendall and the Giglios discuss how they first broke into the script writing business, why romantic storylines are so popular around Christmas, and the benefits of working so closely with your spouse.
  • On this episode of Pop Life, Kendall Phillips is joined by scholar and author Lindsey Decker. The two discuss, The origin of ghost stories being popularized around Christmas, how the BBC contributed to rise of these ghosts related holiday traditions, and which of these films were so bad, they were good.
  • On this episode of Pop Life, Kendall Phillips gets into the holiday spirit with Will Scheibel. Will is an associate professor of English in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University.Kendall and Will dig into the genre of Christmas movies by discussing songs made popular by debuting in the films, stars created from Christmas movies, and of course... is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
  • Kendall Phillips chats with Tiffany Bender Abdallah about the recent rise in Afrofuturistic content in Popular Culture. Tiffany is a Supervising Producer at Conde Nast, with a hunger for storytelling. Over the past few years she’s gained a diverse skill set for producing entertainment, beauty/fashion, conflict, and human interest.They open the show by discussing their reaction to the recent Marvel film, Black Panther. From there they explore examples of Afrofuturism in Pop Culture prior to the Black Panthers films, and how the future of Afrofuturism will continue to evolve in Pop Culture.
  • Spooky season reaches its high point this week and to celebrate Pop Life recalling some our most bone chilling episodes.