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Kendall Phillips

  • Kendall Phillips chats with Tiffany Bender Abdallah about the recent rise in Afrofuturistic content in Popular Culture. Tiffany is a Supervising Producer at Conde Nast, with a hunger for storytelling. Over the past few years she’s gained a diverse skill set for producing entertainment, beauty/fashion, conflict, and human interest.They open the show by discussing their reaction to the recent Marvel film, Black Panther. From there they explore examples of Afrofuturism in Pop Culture prior to the Black Panthers films, and how the future of Afrofuturism will continue to evolve in Pop Culture.
  • Spooky season reaches its high point this week and to celebrate Pop Life recalling some our most bone chilling episodes.
  • Kendall Phillips chats with author Paul Tremblay about his work in the horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction genres. They discuss how Paul weaves music into his novels, writing characters that resemble his friends and family, and the simple, yet complicated task of finding time to write. Have a questions or an idea for a future episode? Connect with on Twitter and Instagram to let your voice be heard.Want more Pop Life? Subscribe in Apple Podcasts or Stitcher for automatic delivery of new episodes.
  • On this week's episode of Pop Life, we continue our theme of 'Rocktober' as host Kendall Phillips chats with Goon, one of the hottest bands in Los Angeles. Goon is made up of four members, Kenny Becker, Andy Polito, Dillon Peralta and Tamara Simons. Off the heals of their 2022 release Hour of Green Evening, the band joined Pop Life to discuss their early influences, how they've grown as a group, and where they see the state of rock heading down the line.
  • Kendall Phillips chats with John Martin and Jaan Uhelszki from the Rock 'n' Roll magazine CREEM.
  • Kendall Phillips chats with Nwaka Onwusa, Vice President and Chief Curator at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Kendall Phillips chats with Michelle Satter about the working being done at the Sundance Institute.
  • Kendall Phillips chats with Steve Granelli about the history of professional wrestling as a fixture of pop culture.
  • Kendall Phillips chats with Caitlin Bruce about the growing legitimacy of graffiti.
  • Kendall Philipps chats with Seth Everett about expectations surrounding the latest Marvel releases.