2020 state budget


New York’s fiscal year is nearly half over, and the state budget remains billions of dollars out of balance, largely due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic related economic shutdown. So far, Governor Andrew Cuomo has been relying on temporary measures to keep the state afloat, but fiscal experts say it’s time to make some hard decisions.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Dan Clark is host and producer of New York Now at PBS station WMHT in Albany.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, D-Bronx, says members of his chamber are prepared to return to Albany in the coming weeks to prevent major cuts to education, local governments, and hospitals that could be proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo without federal aid.

Heastie, in an interview with reporters at the state Capitol Thursday, said if Cuomo followed through on his warning to cut spending by 20%, the Assembly would “look to respond.”

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has about 9 days before he has to make some big decisions about New York State’s estimated $14 billion budget deficit. He is hoping that Congress will pass a bail out measure to avert some of the financial pain, but some Republican Senators are resisting.

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New York’s finances will suffer for some years to come, and there are likely to be big cuts to schools and local governments because of the corona virus pandemic, according to a report released over the weekend by Governor Cuomo’s budget office. Meanwhile, a new poll finds record approval ratings for Governor Cuomo, but most New Yorkers don’t expect life to return to normal anytime soon. 


Governor Andrew Cuomo quietly froze the pay of 80,000 state workers Wednesday night, saying that with the state’s finances in tatters from the fallout from the corona virus, he had little choice.

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When Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers approved the state budget this week, they slipped in a provision to permit public campaign financing for elections in future years. But critics say the plan was designed to weaken minor political parties, including the progressive Working Families Party which has a long running feud with Cuomo.

NYS Budget Includes Bail Reform Rollback

Apr 2, 2020
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New York State lawmakers were finishing up the state budget Thursday, two days after the deadline.  One area of contention was making changes to the state’s bail reform laws. In the end, they compromised.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo says legalizing recreational marijuana is not going to be part of the state budget this year. Cuomo made his comments as the budget deadline approached with no agreement on how to close a $15 billion budget gap, caused by the fall out from the corona virus.

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There’s just one day to go until the state budget is due, the deadline is midnight March 31.  Lawmakers, facing a massive deficit, are meeting at the State Capitol, which is off limits to the public, as yet another legislator tests positive for the virus.

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Amid the COVID-19 news, it's almost easy to forget that the state budget is due in just one week.  State lawmakers say despite the corona virus outbreak, they intend to meet the deadline, and will use precautions to avoid meeting in large groups.  They face a daunting task of putting together a spending plan while a multi billion dollar deficit grows each day.