Flood insurance

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Some Syracuse residents who find themselves in a recently designated flood zone near Onondaga Creek might be in for some relief under a revamped National Flood Insurance Program. Residents have been concerned since the flood maps were redrawn, forcing mostly low-income residents to buy flood insurance.

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Syracuse common councilors have an idea that could ease the burden on hundreds of homeowners who will be required to purchase expensive flood insurance starting next week.  

Councilors say residents have told them they’ll have to sell their homes and move because they’ll  no longer be able to afford their mortgage payments once flood insurance is added to the bill.  Council President Van Robinson worries no one will want to buy these homes.

Chris Bolt / WAER News

Hundreds of homeowners along Onondaga Creek on Syracuse’s south side could be required to purchase expensive flood insurance once new FEMA flood maps take effect November 4th.  WAER News checked in with one of the few agencies in town that provides flood insurance to find out what’s involved.  With 876 properties set to be added to the flood zone, you’d think Ellis Moreland and Ellis would be getting a steady stream of phone calls.  Vice President Rhonda Cabrinha says that's not the case.

FEMA Flood Zones Continue to Raise Flood Insurance Questions

Oct 3, 2016

Concerned residents on Syracuse's south side say there are still too many unanswered questions about who will have to pay for flood insurance.  FEMA added 876 new properties to the flood zone along Onondaga Creek in August, and that means  homeowners will soon have to start paying up to $2,000 a year.  Syracuse United Neighbors Executive Director Rich Puchalski says recent meetings haven’t been helpful.

Chris Bolt/WAER News

  About 150 families in Syracuse could find out in the next few weeks if they’ll have to pony up as much as $1200-a-year for flood insurance…even though the city doesn’t think they’re in any danger of a flood.