Herkimer flooding

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Cayuga and Oneida are among 11 counties under a state of emergency after heavy rains and high winds caused flooding and power outages.  Other counties include Chautauqua, Dutchess, Erie, Essex, Hamilton, Herkimer, Mongomery, Saratoga, and Warren. 

Governor Cuomo's Press Office

Governor Cuomo plans to follow up with the White House after he’s heard nothing about a request he made for federal disaster assistance to aid the Mohawk Valley.  Torrential downpours in late June caused extensive flooding.  Cuomo returned over the weekend to reassess conditions following the on-going recovery efforts.

“We just did a tour around and we saw the work underway and it’s amazing how much progress has been made in a relatively short period of time. We looked at some spots that we had seen about a week ago and it was just unimaginable with the destruction.”

Food, water, and home clean up kits are being handed out to flood victims in Oneida county and the Mohawk Valley.   The Salvation Army is helping Central New York families to stabilize and even rebuild after the floods. 

When I spoke to Incident Commander Major James Purvis, he was en-route to Oneida with over one thousand meals.

"We have about 500 hotdogs and some goulash that is prepared and we will be giving that out to the folks up there as well. Again, having the disaster kits, bottled water, potato chips, granola bars, fruit bars, all those things.”

Herkimer County

Heavy rains in Central New York tore through Herkimer County last night in what is being called the worst flooding of the decade.