Syracuse Chiefs

Scott Willis / WAER News

Big changes are coming to NBT Bank Stadium as part of a new agreement with the New York Mets…

"I'm proud to announce that the county is investing $12.5 million in partnership with the state to undertake major renovations at NBT Bank Stadium, and we're doing this in preparation for the arrival of the New York Mets minor franchise." / @syracusechiefs

The pending sale of the Syracuse Chiefs Triple-A baseball team to the New York Mets in some ways is becoming more of a business transaction for many Central New Yorkers than a sports story. 

Thousands of people and businesses bought stock for $10 a share more than 50 years ago to support the fledgling ball club.  But there’s one problem.  Director of the Office of Unclaimed funds in the State Comptroller’s Office Lawrence Schantz says the team doesn’t know where 5,600 shares are.

Those block-letter SYR jerseys the Syracuse Crunch wear every now and then sure look nice.

I could guess it's because Francis Scott Key decided that the line "bombs bursting in air" needed to be in the verses of that poem he wrote that became our National Anthem that we've been fascinated with fireworks, this country of ours, so thoroughly and collectively.

You've gone to NBT Bank Stadium for a Chiefs game, settled into your seats, looked out over the green field, leaned back to enjoy the game and ...

  There's nothing to do around here.

Mark Bialczak

  When I interviewed Syracuse Chiefs general manager Jason Smorol a month before this baseball season started, he told me that he and his staff would do everything possible to make sure this community felt wanted at NBT Bank Stadium.

Mark Bialczak

One quick trip around the outside of NBT Bank Stadium on Opening Day last Thursday showed just how much Central New Yorkers want this to be a breakthrough season for the Syracuse Chiefs experience.