Syracuse Will be Telling People 'Do Your Thing' as a New Marketing Plan

Feb 13, 2015

Visit Syracuse launched new logo today, along with a new marketing slogan, song, video and approach.

  Just like a new car, a fast food chain, or other consumer product, Syracuse needs to market itself.  Today the Convention and Visitors Bureau, also called Visit Syracuse, launched a new way to try and get people to come.  The hope is to attract tourists, businesses, and conventions.

Most places try and tell potential visitors the assets of their regions…which Visit Syracuse Director David Holder says needed to be fine-tuned.

“Niagara Falls is all about the falls; Finger lakes, all about the lakes;  You look at the Adirondacks, it’s all about the mountains and the outdoors; Thousand Islands, the water base.  We can’t just come out and say ‘we do it better’.  But we can say, we have that, but let’s put in terms that our customers relate to.” 

So that’s where the new slogan came from.  Syracuse “Do Your Thing” will try and capture what Holder says is the feeling and reaction he hears from people who’ve come for a visit or a convention or other event.  He says they feel as though the area really gets behind their car show like the nationals for example.  He suggests this marketing can have other impacts on the economy…evidenced in an upcoming event – the Eastern Winery Exhibition.

“So think about the beverage growth we’ve had in the Finger Lakes and in Central New York in the amount of wineries, the amount of distilled beverages, amount of breweries.  What a great connection between what we’re trying to do economic development-wise and what we’re trying to do tourism-wise.  It’s because we’ve been able to connect those dots.  They’ve been so satisfied with the operation here, they want to come back again.” 

The “Syracuse Do Your Thing” slogan is accompanied by a new logo and song, which can be tailored to a business or function or event. 

The new logo is accompanied by a video which features the song...all of which will be part of marketing materials.


It’s time to rally your passion. Find life’s shining moments and celebrate them in a place where true colors never fade; a place where independent spirits and an energetic community come together in perfect harmony. Here is where you find your center. Reconnect the dots with the things that truly matter and make memories on historic streets. Do what makes you happy. Syracuse. Do Your Thing.

Holder hopes the new approach can add to their marketing efforts, capitalizing on all the variety of the region from the urban experience to recreation, pastoral settings, culinary experiences, cultural attractions and more.