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Skyline Apartments fails third inspection

Chris Bolt

Skyline Apartments failed inspection for a third time Monday. City code enforcement again declared the common areas unfit for occupancy.

The City is now intensifying its enforcement efforts. Until further notice, the City will inspect the building weekly, and the Syracuse Police Department will add directed patrols. That's in addition to the existing officers they have there and private 24/7 security.

The number of people calling for assistance at the property has decreased over the last 10 months. In the last eight weeks, the average number of calls per week was eight compared to 25 calls per week during the same period of time in March and April 2021.

The city’s Law Department has two cases still pending against Green Skyline Apartments in the State Supreme Court. Green Skyline has been under a Nuisance Abatement order since June 2021 due to conditions at the apartment complex.