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Syracuse Surge job training connects trainees with local employers

occ john mulroy hall
The event was held at Onondaga Community College's John Mulroy Hall.

People who have trained with Syracuse surge were able to connect and interview with local employers who can let them put that training to work. Syracuse Surge is a citywide program aimed at preparing residents and local businesses for the new, digitally evolving economy. Syracuse resident Kaalar Wynn is one of eight graduates from the electric and mechanical technology program.

“They taught me some skills that I didn’t think I would need, but also some skills I wanted to learn that I didn’t know where to get those skills from. I didn’t know who can teach me tough,” Wynn said.

Surge Wynn
John Smith

Wynn says employers at the event seemed to care about the trainees and want to help advance their careers. Centerstate CEO hosts the Syracuse Surge trainings. Director of Economic Inclusion Lauren Chyle says local employers, such as those who participated today, have been a big help in matching the trainees with real jobs.

“What makes this programs special is that the employers have been in this with us from the beginning. They helped us to identify candidate profiles, so that we can find the right folks in the community that are ready for these types of jobs. They are in the classroom with us, and so they get to meet the candidates and really share more about their companies,” Chyle said.

Employers at Onondaga Community College included NextGen, ICM Controls, and Giovanni Foods. Chyle says some graduates were hired on the spot Thursday after their interviews, while others will be returning to speak with more employers in the near future.

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