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Better stargazing and cinematic experience coming with MOST's new ExploraDome

James Kattato

A multimillion-dollar upgrade is coming to the Museum of Science and Technology.

The downtown MOST museum next month will unveil a $2.6 million renovation to its planetarium and IMAX theater. Lauren Kochian, MOST president, said the digital improvements will enhance the audience experience and add a few more seats to accommodate 220 people.

"Real difference is just the quality of the sound and the visual.  I mean, going from analog to digital in of itself is a huge leap,” Kochian said. “But, you add in the most up-to-date sound, the most up do date lighting, projectors. It’s really like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

The revamped facility will be known as the National Grid ExploraDome. The utility's spokesperson Al Bianchetti said the company supports the museum because of its positive impact on the region.

“By making investments to institutions like the MOST that have a rich history, we’ve been supporting the MOST for decades but, this takes it to another level, and revitalizing our commitment to the community,” Blanchetti said.

National Grid donated $300,000 for the project.

Kochian, MOST president, said the new planetarium allows for better audience engagement.

If you wanted what the sky is going to look like on your 100th birthday, well you know what?  We can do that.  So, there’s really so many possibilities, and the technology is really just a huge part of that,” Kochain said.

The museum plans to launch the ExploraDome on April 9, the first day of spring recess for most local schools. The first feature film will be “Dinosaurs of Antarctica” and the planetarium will open with “Dark Universe.”