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WAER News Round up: Week of Mar.7


1. Syracuse residents growing impatient with delayed trash pick-up

Syracuse Trash
Maxwell Mimaroglu
Trash bins sit outside houses on S Beech St. Syracuse, NY, Mar. 7, 2022.

Syracuse city is struggling on its trash pickup due to more than half of its trucks awaiting repair.That alongside, a city-wide shortage of mechanics is leaving residents like Isaac Williams frustrated.

2. Tattoo shops sees a business boom amid COVID

Matt Spyrou tattoos multiple clients during a flash tattoo sale.

As many shops and businesses shut down from the pandemic, one industry is thriving. Tattoo shops have been doing well with sales and continue to grow with the increase in business they have had since the pandemic.

3. Billion-dollar homegrown technology company sets up manufacturing center in downtown Syracuse

density ribbon.jpg

A start-up software company founded in Syracuse’s Tech Garden eight years ago unveiled its downtown manufacturing facility. Vice President of Operations Garrett Bastable said Syracuse is the ideal place to grow.

4. With community support, the Westcott Remix development is back on track

Dorian's Pizza

Local pizza joint Dorian’s was first proposed transforming into a residential and commercial space but was rejected by the Syracuse zoning board. After a number of changes, the plan is back on track with the support of the neighborhood and on its way toward approval.

5. Non-profit pleas for funding after decrease in student participation

On Point Volunteer Fred Gilbeaux Student Sequoia Kemp.jpg
On Point Volunteer Fred Gilbeaux helping Student Sequoia Kemp

On Point for College, could get a financial boost after Syracuse Common Council met Wednesday. The council appeared ready to set aside up to $350,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act to increase the recruitment On Point is lacking.

6. Utica art museum shines light on African American artist from Boston


Allan Rohan Crite, an African American painter and writer who explored experiences in his neighborhood in Roxbury, Massachusetts, is now apart of an exhibit at the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute in Central New York.

7. Better stargazing and cinematic experience coming with MOST's new ExploraDome

James Kattato

A multimillion-dollar upgrade is coming to the Museum of Science and Technology.

8. The Syracuse St.Patrick’s parade returns after a three-year absence


Excitement is building for the return of the Syracuse Saint Patrick’s Parade. The parade hasn’t happened for three years due to COVID-19, so the anticipation is more than ever before. Parade President Janet Higgins is one of many people excited for the return of the parade.