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Gas could get a smidge cheaper in Onondaga County

Gas pump at Mobile Gas Station on East Genesee Street, Dewitt, New York, Mar. 9th, 2022
Max Mimaroglu
Gas prices at Mobile gas station in Dewitt, N.Y., March 9, 2022

Due to the steady rise of gas prices, Onondaga County lawmakers are working on a plan to help offset the increasing cost.

Lawmakers are working on capping the County’s portion of sales tax on fuel at $4 per gallon. That means any price for gas above that amount wouldn’t be subject to county sales tax. For example, a 15-gallon fill-up priced at $4.50 a gallon would save about 30 cents.

The legislators are set to take up the matter on Friday morning.

The state has already agreed to reduce gas taxes.