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Your roadmap to navigating the over 8,000 comments addressed in the I-81 Project FEIS

Ryan Stavely

As the I-81 viaduct to Community Grid project promises to transform Syracuse’s landscape, state DOT officials speaking in Syracuse on Thursday explained the more than 8,000 public comments were answered and taken into consideration.

Regional DOT Director Mark Frechette felt the the public comments section Appendix M5 of the report will be the most helpful for those reading it. It’s arranged into major categories.

"So this really is a response to what we have and to everything that comes in," Frechette said.

More than 100 comments from city government and other stakeholders and suburban townships can be found in Section M6. The project will happen in several stages and the State DOT plans to open a Public Outreach Center.

"You're being able to go in our Community Grids section and you're going to be able sort on round about and you'll see nothing but the comments that we got on the round about and our responses to each of everyone," Frechette said. "It'll really help you because it's a very very long appendix."

The open comment period is through May 16th. The FEIS is posted on the state website or you can go to our website at

The open comment period is through May 16th. Click here to view the FEIS report.

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