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Better Wi-Fi and new seats are coming to the Dome

Wikimedia Commons

Syracuse University continues its renovations of the Dome. Still to come improvements include better internet access, improved seating, and entrance changes. SU Chief Facilities Officer Pete Sala said that many of the Dome's plans have been going on for years, with some developments going back three to four years.

The important things we needed to do that were tied to the roof, we did in that first phase and then last summer we made more improvements," Sala said. "I see us continuing to make more improvements every summer as we move forward here until we finish everything up."

Better Wi-Fi coverage will be coming to the Dome and so will new seating. Sala said aluminum benches will become individual blue seats with cupholders. Despite the seating changes, Sala said the stadium would maintain its ability to hold 30,000 fans.

Another area of renovations will be the area between the Dome and the Arch.

A very large portion of our fanbase comes in from that area outside by the quad, it allows us to have an area where people come into the building, we’re going to push it out fare enough, so that it encompasses some of those gates in the corner,” said Sala.

The overall goal of the new plans is to improve the fan experience. Sala said they continue to explore ways to further streamline game day for people at the stadium.