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Micron's move into town raises questions about Onondaga County's housing inventory

A sign that reads "White Pine" sits in a field next to a road.
Katie Zilcosky
A sign that reads "White Pine" sits in a field next to a road.

Central New York has been buzzing with questions about what's needed to support Micron’s $100 billion investment, which the company announced earlier this month. The Onondaga county executive is set to lead a Monday evening discussion around what's still swirling.

But from a housing perspective, it means an already challenged market with low inventory and high mortgage rates is throwing mixed signals to experts like Lynnore Fetyko of Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors.

“Bringing Micron to this community is almost an overwhelming thought on how it’s going to impact our economy, the housing economy, the rental economy—what is it all going to look like?” Fetyko said.

Fetyko said the new growth and development for the region will bring growing pains and even housing shortages, but she said officials can help reduce some hurdles.

“Get those who are responsible for approvals of projects and developments and see where we can streamline things and make things easier and more affordable for that to happen,” Fetyko said.

She said the upcoming town hall discussions will help bring parties together.

"We’re starting those meetings with the County Executive’s Office and developers, builders, realtors, that will be able to give their opinion as to our challenges and things that we really need to be looking at working on," Fetyko said.

The first meeting is scheduled Monday evening.

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