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Local Filmmaker holds Movie Premier a Bit Different Than Other Indie Films


  A Syracuse filmmaker counted on the talents and generosity of hundreds of people to get to the debut screening of his feature-length film Iris.  Chris Steinberger wanted to make an Independent film…that didn’t seem like an Independent film.

So, many of us know what Steinberger is talking about when he describes the feel of an indie film.

“Usually very personal stories about characters.  They’re usually low budget so they really focus in on small locations and character stories. What we wanted to do was make a movie like we normally see Hollywood produce, action movies, we love action movies and sci-fi movies.”  

His result…Iris, an drama, with technology, some sci-fi and actions.

It was no small undertaking…in fact Steinberger admits if they knew what they were getting into, the project might never have been finished.  A year of filming…followed by almost two years of editing and music and special effects.  He had a lot of help…more than the 5 or 6 who’d show up for any day of filming

“It wasn’t until we did the credits and we put them all together that we were like, wow.  There are over 200 people worked on this movie, extras in the background, people who worked in cast and crew.  We had some many production assistants help us out, people who just wanted to get involved as crew.” 

He has hopes of other theater showings for Iris…and maybe a distributor would get interested and pick it up.  For him and others it’s also a calling card for a future movie opportunity that might come along for his Watchworks Studios

“I want to be a filmmaker as a full-time job; that is my goal.  So every chance where I’m not working, where I’m not going to school, I can put into making a film.  And I think everyone involved in Iris feels the same way about it.  This is a thing that’s going to help us for people who might have a budget that can sponsor a movie, to say ‘hey, we’ve already done it.’”

For now, the aspiring hometown filmmaker has this latest accomplishment to show.  

“Iris” premiers at the Palace Theater in Eastwood tonight …the film starts at 7:00…with doors opening at 6:00