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Syracuse NAACP to Focus on Election, Justice, Economic Opportunity & Fighting Hate in 2020

Gracyn Doctor/WAER News

The NAACP of Syracuse and Onondaga County shared their focal points for 2020 that include voting, health and education improvements, and justice in the community.  Chapter President Linda Brown-Robinson hopes to bring the community together to improve the economy of the city of Syracuse.  

This year, the organization’s key focus will include improving youth health and education, expanding the chapter’s membership, and voting.  They’ll be continuing their Souls to the Polls program, including voter registration and rides to the polls on election day. 

“Voting is the most powerful tool you have in your toolbox.  It affects so much.” 

She adds there’s a lot at stake if another Supreme Court judge gets appointed who doesn’t share the group’s and its members’ values. 

The organization is also focused on creating equal opportunities for marginalized communities in the city.  They aim to fight racial injustice and create ways for everyone to pursue their own version of the American dream.

Credit Gracyn Doctor/WAER News
NAACP Syracuse shows off upcoming newsletter and fundraising event for May at annual address Thursday.

“We find ourselves in a fight to preserve our democracy as we used to know it.  And that’s why our theme this year is, ‘We can’t rest in pursuing justice and defeating hate,’” said Brown-Robinson.

The N-A-A-C-P is moving in a new direction with the release of their new quarterly newsletter “Our Civil Best,” created in hopes to keep the community informed and educated.  

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