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Syracuse Speaks- Central New York Community Uprooted By COVID-19


Life for Central New Yorkers in the age of COVID-19 has forced many members of the community, local businesses and nonprofits to readjust their priorities and lifestyles.

We talked with a number of people in the Syracuse community to understand the range of effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Central New York.

Our guests include:

  • Central New York Community Foundation's Robyn Smith discussing changing census efforts
  • Le Moyne Professor Dr. Shawn Ward discussing our behaviour during a health crisis
  • Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion Fellows Emmy Helander and Claire Pendergrast talking about health and social effects on older adults
  • Westcott Mutual Aid's David Knapp with Co-Owner of Beer Belly Deil and Pub Lauren Monforte discussing the Community Plates Project to distribute food to those in need

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