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How To Stay Fit During Self-isolation


Shelter in Place, self isolation, self-quarantine - no matter what you call it, the reality is that we are home bound for the foreseeable future.

Being confined to home has its advantages: 1) we can isolate ourselves from the dangerous novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19; 2) we are discovering new methods of work productivity; and 3) it's creating new engagement opportunities to strengthen relationships with family and friends.

But on the down side, being confined to home can lead to a sedentary life-style.  Our movements are restricted, we aren't burning the calories that we would under normal circumstances, and we have access to food all day long.  So how can we stay fit when we are forced to practice social distancing?
For help, we turn to life and weight loss coach, Elizabeth Sherman, owner of Total Health by Elizabeth.  She is an ACE certified health coach and personal trainer.  We talked about ways to stay fit when we are forced to practice social distancing during the pandemic.
Visit Elizabeth's exercise library for a list of exercises that you can do at home.

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