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Syracuse Speaks-Celebrating Syracuse's Black History

Chris Bolt

As Black History Month comes to a close, Syracuse Speaks is sharing some parts of Central New York’s Black History. Looking at influence on music, activism, and community, African-Americans have a rich and often under-told legacy in the area.

To start the program, we take a broad look at Syracuse's Black history with Syracuse University African American Studies Professor, Dr. Joan Bryant. Dr. Bryant is the custodian of the Black History Preservation Project, a virtual Black history museum that includes photos, documents, and interviews from the region.

Additionally, WAER’s Chris Bolt explores the connections and history between Syracuse’s Black community and the city's music scene. We also hear from organizations that are making a difference in the fight for equity, both in the past and in the present.

Thank you to the Black History Preservation Project for allowing use of sound from interviews it conducted in this episode. 

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Katie Zilcosky is WAER’s All Things Considered host and features reporter. She also co-hosts WAER’s public affairs show Syracuse Speaks. As a reporter, she focuses on technology, poverty, and identity.