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Excitement Abounds As Syracuse University is Nationally Classified as a Top Tier Research Center


  Syracuse University will join the ranks of Harvard, Duke and Yale as a national recognized R1 research university. The Carnegie classification  systems grades each institution every 5 years and Syracuse University was one of 15 universities to move from a R2 to a R1 classification.   Syracuse University's  Interim Dean of the Graduate school and Vice President of Research Peter Vanable says the new classification as a top tier research university should bring top talent and more research opportunities.  He chalks up the higher ranking to the success of its faculty.

" Our faculty have been incredibly active in getting grants. If there was a single driver to this it would be  external grant awards. We have really strong leadership in the research departments to provide the push to get those research dollars into the university"

For example, Vanable says Syracuse’s physics department has doubled its external funding in the last five years.  SU has also found great success in biology, chemistry, engineering, cyber security, and medicine. Vanable believes this success will find its way into the community as well.

" Research grants bring jobs to the community. The extent that we fund our talented faculty with grants, we hire local people to support those grant activities.  A big push for the university is to foster industry-academic partnerships. I think an area  of focus with us is to build relationships with industry in ways that can help to foster great partnerships within the community." 

One person excited by Syracuse’s new status is Liz Droge-Young, a PhD candidate in the Biology department. She believes the extra funding could positively impact graduate students in a way one might not expect.

"The SU biology department takes very good care of their graduate students. We have a nice stipend. Other programs across the country, grad students have to take a second job. SU is able to provide an environment  in which you are able to think about big questions and trying to push science in a new direction without worrying about how to pay your rent."

Liz Droge-Young

Officials say they are delighted with the reclassification since it guarantees the university is poised for continued growth.  Chancellor Kent Syverud has made expanding SU's research activity a top priority.