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Residential Addiction Treatment Center Opens in Onondaga County

Scott Willis
WAER-FM 88.3

Central New Yorkers who are struggling with opioid addiction now have the option to stay a residential facility while they recover.  Elements of CNY in Liverpool is the first treatment center of its kind in the county and will provide stabilization, rehabilitation, and reintegration services. 

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul stopped to help cut the ribbon.  She says while the state has made progress in addressing the opioid crisis, too many are still going to the edge.

Those are the ones we have to bring back, and that is why a residential facility is really a key component to addressing the whole spectrum of need of individuals,” Hochul said. “Let them come here and get the counseling they need, and get the peer support, and the coping strategies. When they go back out how they are going handle the temptation, when they go back into their prior world.”

Credit Scott Willis / WAER News
President of Helio Health, Jeremy Klemanski, addresses a packed lobby at the opening of Elements of CNY. At left is Onondaga County Commissioner of Adult and Long Term Care Services Lisa Alford, and at right is Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The state kicked in $14 million for the 75 bed facility, and will provide about $1.1 million in annual operational funding.  Arelene Gonzalez-Sanchez is commissioner of the state’s office of alcoholism and substance abuse services.  She says patients will receive specialized care.

"Letting people enter treatment at the level that is most appropriate for their specific needs, and move through the treatment process at the speed that is right for them."

She says the center will also provide trauma-informed care, because that’s often a factor in addiction and can play a role in the recovery process.  Elements of CNY  is run by Helio Health, and President Jeremy Klemanski asked the lobby packed with people to keep things in perspective amid the celebration.

“After today when we all leave, at different times at the day people will come here to get a healthier start on their recovery journey,” Klemanski said.

Klemanski credited those who made the center a reality, and those who will do the hard work of helping people recover from addiction.  The address is 4567 Crossroads Park Drive in Liverpool, off Henry Clay Boulevard. 

Credit Scott Willis / WAER News