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Families Enjoy Monday Fundays at Erie Canal Museum

Christian Bersani/WAER News

If your summer “fun in the sun” has been spoiled by sudden, almost daily downpours, everyone at Syracuse's Erie Canal Museum wants you to join the fun indoors at their new “Monday Funday” family activities. 

Every Monday afternoon for the next seven weeks, the museum will host a series of activities and crafts that capture the culture of the Erie Canal, the everyday lives of the people who traveled it, and the businesses that blossomed in Syracuse because of it.  From 19th-century country dancing to churning butter by hand, Marketing Director Natalie Stetson says families can have fun connecting with their community and its past.

"We are trying to make each one different, so each one will be interesting in its own way, and then  a lot of them will be hands on.  They will be learning by doing and maybe that won’t seem so much like learning.  We really try to make it an experience for kids, we have the full size boat downstairs that instead of just learning about the boat you can actually go on that boat and see what the living quarters were like.”

Erie Canal Museum


“We had fun, we went in the boat and they had people there and you got to see what they sleep in.  You got to see all the food they ate and what they did in there, and what they got to drink and stuff like that.”


“I think it’s a great opportunity for the kids to learn stuff that they don’t learn in schools and I love that it was interactive and the kids got a souvenir.”

Susan Johnson plans on bringing both of her children back every Monday for the rest of the summer. The museum is open seven days a week and admission for the Monday Funday activities is five dollars per child.  More information  is at 471-0593 or