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CNY Manufacturers Association Calls On Congress To Pass Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill

Ariel Rakita
Byrne Hollow Farm/ Wikimedia Commons
MACNY CEO Randy Wolken says local companies like Byrne Dairy would be aided by investments in infrastructure.

The President and CEO of the Manufacturers Association of Central New York is calling on members of the House to pass the $1 trillion infrastructure bill with a focus on transportation. MACNY’s Randy Wolken is specifically excited about the State potentially getting $11.6 billion from the package.

“Bridges are critical. That’s another 1.9 billion for New York State. Broadband coverage would be expanded, along with water infrastructure, airports, and public transportation. These are all critical investment needs for small, medium manufacturers. And really that is the bulk of manufacturing not only here in Central New York, but throughout the state of New York.”

Wolken adds that extensive work will also create job opportunities. He also says many of their members play a key role in supply chains, and reliable transportation makes it easier to ship their products. There are also many recognizable brands of manufacturing in Central New York.

“A company like Stickley. Obviously there are many, many food products, dairy products that are made. Byrne Dairy just being one of those facilities. And companies that make the applicators for the covid test.”

Wolken says the I-81 project will play a major role in transporting goods and the development of a future inland port. He can’t think of a better time than now to enhance transportation infrastructure. Wolken says July and August were very good recovery months for manufacturing. He wants the economic momentum to continue with the major trillion-dollar federal infrastructure project. Congressmember John Katko has expressed his commitment to getting it passed in the U-S House.