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State Sees Fewer Teens Vaping But Recent FDA Move Means E-Cig Access Remains (For Now)

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Juul products remain on shelves, despite New York State's ban on flavored e-cigarettes in 2020.

A new report shows fewer New York state teens are picking up e-cigarettes, but a federal agency’s recent decision is keeping the big name vaping products on store shelves.

The Food and Drug Administration was earlier this month set to finish its review of more than than 6 million vaping products, but the agency recently announced an extension. FDA officials have already denied and removed nearly 1 million vape products from the market, but they'll use the extra time to review big players in the market, like JUUL.

At the same time, the New York State Department of Health announced this week an 18% decline in high school students that vape. The report attributed the drop to the state's 2020 ban on flavored e-cigarettes.

Program coordinator of Tobacco Free CNY, Karyn Johnson, said that the state of New York has been more progressive the curb youth vaping but worries what the FDA will ultimately decide to leave on shelves.

"If they do by chance approve any of these products that will trump any restrictions we have in place in New York state," Johnson said.

Johnson said some research does indicate vaping helps adults quit smoking cigarettes, but that it often trades one habit for another.

"There are very low chances for someone to quit smoking using e-cigarettes," she said.

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the negatives of vaping

Johnson also said even though New York's ban on flavored e-cigarettes has helped teens quit vaping, some have just turned to menthol, which was permitted to stay on sale.

The FDA still has not released a specific date as to when the final review will be complete, but Johnson said she hopes the agency will issue a definitive ruling — she said she's seen more sucess with legislation than cessation programs, due to the addictive nature of e-cigarettes.