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Democrats Remain in the Minority on Onondaga County Legislature

Peggy Chase interview
John Smith
WAER's Geoffrey Goose spoke with County Legislator Peggy Chase on election night about campaign results (c) 2021 John Smith

The movement to get more Democratic representation on the Onondaga County Legislature failed but, for those who survived, they say they’re grateful. Mary Kuhn was challenged by Joe Carni.

"I do think I prevailed, but I'm so disappointed that we really ran some wonderful candidates to flip the leg. So, we maintained ourselves, the six incumbents made it, not just my district."

Kuhn feels the way the current district maps are drawn, gerrymandering is to blame for Democrats unable to claim more County Legislature seats. She says the current process to redraw the maps has been rushed. Legislator Peggy Chase also was able to hold onto her seat. Chase says there are many social services issues to focus on.

"Poverty is still a big problem in this community and we chip away at it a lot, but it needs to be chipped away a lot more. COVID is not over yet, and we still have to protect the people in our community."

Republicans on the County Legislature remain in the Majority including Chairman Dave Knapp who won re-election. Democrats express they are wary of a rushed redistricting process that’s been going on during the current Election and how that will impact future elections.