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Martin Luther King III will speak at Syracuse University event honoring his father's civil rights legacy

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Martin Luther King III will speak at Syracuse University's annual celebration of his father in an event titled We Are part of the Dream

The remembrance of Doctor Martin Luther King Junior and his impacts will be extended later this month when Syracuse University presents a special guest lecture.

SU’s 37th annual MLK Celebration will feature the civil rights leader’s eldest son, Martin Luther King III. He’s continued the anti-racism activism of his father and is considered a global humanitarian. He founded Realizing the Dream Inc., taking the teachings of Martin Luther King Junior to a global audience, and has brought non-violence training to India, Israel, Bosnia, Kenya and elsewhere.

King III will speak at a virtual event Sunday, January 30th. S-U Chancellor Kent Syverud calls the event important at this time.

“This reflection is important for all of us as our nation continues to display deep divisions. This is true in our views of and proposed solutions for addressing our country’s legacy of racism. During the past year, the pandemic has further revealed inequalities in health and income. Efforts to address disparities in policing and justice have yielded mixed results,” Syverud said in a release.

The theme of this year’s event: We are Part of the Dream. Dean of SU’s Hendricks the Rev. Chapel Brian Konkol says he’s overjoyed to welcome King III as speaker.

“As we seek to honor the life and legacy of a leader who brought hope and healing to our world, the opportunity to feature Martin Luther King III is an exciting and historic opportunity, and his presence and participation will surely have a longstanding and powerful impact for our campus community.” 

Information and registration is at

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