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Onondaga County Legislature passes gas tax cap

Car fills up at Delta Sonic gas station on Erie Boulevard, Dewitt, New York, Mar. 9th 2022.
Maxwell Mimaroglu
Car fills up at Delta Sonic gas station on Erie Boulevard, Dewitt, New York, Mar. 9th 2022.

The resolution passed by the Legislature capped the tax lower than expected at $3 a gallon. Majority Leader Brian May says they're trying to do what they can as consumers face higher prices due to inflation.

“We’re telling the residents we get it these are tough times this provides meaningful tax relief from local government,”

The resolution passed 14-1, with the lone no vote coming from Legislator Mary Kuhn. Kuhn's primary concerns were how fast the resolution was put together and who will truly benefit from this.

“ Who benefits from this? The people who will benefit the most, are the people who drive the biggest vehicles, and those are the people with money,”

Legislator Bill Kinne also voiced similar questions and concerns. However, he ultimately voted for the tax cap. 

The Legislature passed a second resolution unanimously that would protect the City of Syracuse from potential sales tax loss. If the city chooses to opt out of the gas tax cap and there is a shortfall in the county’s tax collection, the county will pay the city so it does not suffer from the loss.

Legislator Julie Abbott says it’s a good thing to do as the city's partner.

“I love this idea of being good collaborators and partners, they have money we have money, we need to do the right thing and I really encourage them [Syracuse Common Council] to pass this as well,"

The resolution is set to expire on November 30th. The Legislature will then reevaluate whether they want to keep or get rid of the cap.
The gas tax cap will go into effect June 1st.