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Hochul on new proposed immigration deal

Governor Kathy Hochul speaks at a press conference in East Syracuse.
John Smith
Hochul spoke on the new immigration deal at PPC Broadband Warehouse.

Gov. Kathy Hochul said New York State would get a portion of $1.4 billion of federal money as part of a proposed immigration deal in the works lead by Democrats on Capitol Hill. Although, Republicans have already expressed they don’t plan to support it. Hochul is calling on 10 elected Republicans members who represent the State in federal seats.

“I'm calling on Congressman Williams to join with all the other members and be the coalition of the willing," Hochul said. "Those willing to solve this problem and not just grandstand. I'm calling them out today. I want their commitments that they will vote for this because I believe the Senate can get this done. They stand together and do what's right for our state and for our nation. They can become part of the majority. And secondly, lastly, President Biden will sign it,” Hochul added.

In addition to the border crisis, Hochul said another significant problem is asylum laws are being abused.

“They need to be changed," she said. "We need money for the state of New York to help us compensate the city and work with them to cover these expensive costs. We have to just say we are at capacity, we have to have limitations. And if Republicans refuse to do that."

Hochul made her remarks to media following a recap of her state budget proposal held at the PPC Broadband Warehouse in East Syracuse. The company was awarded an Excelsior Jobs Tax Credit of $1.2 million that will allow the company to expand.

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