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Marc Weber

Sports Talk Director

The 2000 World Series was an event, I’ll never forget. Growing up on Long Island, I’ll never forget how that World Series took over the entire state. Whether it was arguing which New York team was better on the school bus, starting chants for your favorite team right before class started or watching the games with my family, every moment made me realize that baseball and sports in general were more than just a game.

Unlike most eight year olds, instead of dreaming about hitting the big home run, I wanted to be the guy to talk to everyone about it. From there, my passion led me from reading every book about sports in my local library to becoming the director of my high school radio station (WKWZ, Syosset High School) during my senior year. My dreams also led me to apply to the elite S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, where once I was accepted I got involved with the WAER Talk Staff, which was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Since that first meeting where I had no idea what the year to come would offer, I’ve covered games at MetLife Stadium, Madison Square Garden and most importantly the Carrier Dome. Now, I currently serve as the director of the talk staff where I hope to help make the shows as entertaining as possible and share my love for sports talk radio to many.