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County Executive Joanie Mahoney Endorses Republican John Katko for Congress

John Smith

Does Joanie Mahoney see some of the same qualities as former Congressmember James Walsh in Republican John Katko?  Standing along the shore of Willow Bay at Onondaga Lake she recalled Walsh’s efforts to clean it up by securing funding.  

The County Executive drew some similarities and the kind of person she’d like to represent the 24th Congressional District.

“Jim was known as a statesman, and I think John fits that same bill. And I know as a former prosecutor, like John is, that it’s good training for public service.”  

Mahoney’s endorsement of Katko follows her cross-party endorsement of Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo but, she doesn’t feel that will be problematic.

“I think that’s the only democrat that I’ve endorsed. But I certainly have made it clear to people that I call them like I see them, and the people matter. The capability of a person, the temperament of a person, the willingness to get beyond partisan politics matters.”

Katko agrees that politics have to be set aside when endorsing a candidate.

“And that’s what Joanie did with Governor Cuomo, and that’s her choice. And that’s what she did with me, and that’s her choice. And you know what, the story shouldn’t be about the party; it should be about the person. And she chose a person of both sides, and at least on one, she made a very good choice. And on the other one, I think she did what she thought was right. And what’s wrong with that?”

Mahoney adds that the 24th Congressional District has a very evenly balanced constituency and for that reason, she feels a Republican can be the voice of reason in Washington. 

Katko is running a tight race against Democrat Dan Maffei. The general election will take place Nov. 4.