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New Campaign Push to Mobilize Voters as Election Day Approaches

Scott Willis/WAER News

Central New York is entering the final countdown with less than eight days until Election Day. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters are making their final campaign pushes. And they’re calling it G-O-T-V or Get Out The Vote. Clinton supporters are spreading the word all this week by making calls to people around the state.  Onondaga County legislature Democratic Leader Linda Ervin says this is important because they cannot rely on New York’s historically democratic record.

“You can’t anything for granted. There is no surety in politics. You have to cover all bases. Clearly we think New York is good but we have to cover the swing states also,”Ervin said.

Volunteer Michael Koval says the people he calls are passionate about the issues. Both health care and civil rights are hot button topics. But one thing he doesn’t come across often? Hillary’s emails. Although the F-B-I director reopened the case this past weekend, Koval finds voters are not concerned. He says there isn’t much else to say about it.

“Hilary already said everything there is to say and turned over everything there is to turn over and she’s been proven innocent,” Koval said.

Credit Scott Willis/WAER News / WAER News
Republicans push supporters to cast their votes.

The Republican headquarters in Onondaga County is also ramping up its campaign this week. New Yorkers for Trump Director Randy Potter says their strategy is more about getting committed voters to the polls than convincing undecided voters.

This election may be more of an election of mobilization as oppose to conversion. I think a lot of people have very strong feelings about Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. We would love to convert people but this is more of a mobilization election. We want to mobilize our base to get out and vote, the die hards,” Potter said.  

Randy Potter shares some concerns going into this election in terms of voter apathy and long-term implications.

While they differ in strategy, campaign volunteers for both Clinton and Trump agree that the priority is getting voters out at the polls on November 8th.