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Sen. Schumer, Rep. Katko Call for all Documentation to be Released from Mueller Investigation

Chris Bolt/WAER News

The impacts of the Mueller Investigation and the long-awaited report may well be decided by ‘What Happens Next.’ Syracuse University Political Science Professor Grant Reeher wonders if Democrats might continue the investigation too long looking for enough evidence of a crime or wrongdoing.

“The future moves in this regard may shift more to the democratic side now. That they may be incurring more of a political risk if they continue to look into and investigate the president in these particular areas.”

Reeher Believes the Mueller report, which found no collusion and did not suggest obstruction charges, was a political victory for the President. 

“It’s pretty clearly, politically, a win for president Trump. And that’s why he’s issuing the statements that he’s issuing. He’s celebrating. In a sense, if you want to use a sports analogy, he’s spiking the football right now.”

Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Schumer said in Syracuse Monday that Mueller raised as many questions as he answered.

“He couldn’t come to a conclusion whether there was criminality, but he said the president wasn’t exonerated.  That means you have to look at the whole report.  And Attorney General Barr stated before he took office that he didn’t believe that any president would be held guilty of obstruction of justice.  So he’s not a down-the-middle arbiter.”

Schumer believes the entire report and underlying documentation should be released. He says it’s worth continuing the long investigation if there is, what he called, “something really wrong”.  And the only way to determine that is to make the entire report public. 


WAER News attempted to reach Congressmember John Katko for an interview, but he didn't return our call.  However, he did release a statement Monday regarding the investigation.  It's included in its entirety below.  

“From the start, I have supported the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and have consistently stated that I would respect his final report.  As a former federal prosecutor, I know the tremendous amount of effort this report required by Mr. Mueller and his team.  I appreciate their diligent work.

“The Justice Department has made clear there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  I’m glad that this report clears the air on this issue, and I hope that it will allow us to move past the distraction caused by accusations of collusion.  I believe the report should be released as completely as possible so we can put these issues to rest.  I recently voted for a resolution before the House supporting the public release of Mueller’s final report.  I look forward to reviewing it in full, and believe the American people should have access to the report."