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What Can You Learn About Local Congressional Campaign from Democratic National Convention?

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How might the Democratic National Convention that just wrapped up impact local elections here in Syracuse?  Congressional Candidate Dana Balter says the virtual nature of the event – without crowds, cheering or spectacle – is similar to her local campaigning done largely online. 

But she found that intimacy led to better connections with people and their concerns.

“That’s why we’re doing this.  That’s what politics is really all about.  It’s the person who can’t afford their insulin; it’s the person whose mother was wrongfully deported; it’s the person who’s lost their family business because of the COVID crisis.  Those are the stories that motivate Joe Biden.”

And … Balter says it’s also why she chose to run for the 24th congressional seat.  She misses the hugs and handshakes of speaking at events or going door-to-door.   But does her party’s convention boost her campaign?  She says the main focus is just about the same.

Balter says the virtual convention mirrored the online campaigning she's been forced to do during the COVID pandemic.

“Joe Biden and kamala Harris are fighting for the people of this country, not for powerful interests, not for their buddies, not for themselves.  We heard about health care and the environment and the economy.  But the message through all of those is the same, that they are fighting for the people.”

Balter is trying to unseat three-term Congress Member John Katko.  The republican convention kicks off Monday … also without crowded events.  We’ll check in later next week to see how that event is affecting local G-O-P congressional campaigns.