City Launches Website to Inform Drivers of Road Work

Apr 16, 2014

Since the first big thaw swept through the Syracuse area, you've probably noticed the big orange signs for detours and construction.

Road work downtown on West Fayette Street (facing east), in Armory Square
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News
Road construction season is well underway in an around Syracuse, and the city is trying to make navigating the streets a little more bearable. City Hall has launched a new website to inform residents and commuters about delays and detours caused by road work.  The website will have maps and alternative routes drivers can take to avoid the headache. City Spokesperson Alexander Marion says it’s an easy way to access information all in one place… 

We will be planning for weekly updates to the page. If things come out more frequently or on shorter notice we'll absolutely as always put out additional news releases and put that information on the page as soon as we can, as well as put updates on our social media. 

Right now, much of Fayette street from Townsend to West Street is partially or completely closed, along with the 690 West ramp exit to West Street and Erie Boulevard's West Bridge over Onondaga Creek.

Marion also pointed out that the city would do its best to mitigate any problems area businesses encounter from seasonal roadwork:

Construction information can also be found on the city's social media pages, such as @syracuse1848 and the city’s Facebook account.