Pat Hogan to challenge Mayor Miner to Democratic primary

Jun 3, 2013

Common Councilor Pat Hogan to run against fellow democrat Stephanie Miner for Mayor of Syracuse
Credit Chris Bolt, WAER News

The rumors are true; Common Councilor Pat Hogan has announced that he will be running for mayor for the city of Syracuse. 

His many years in local government have helped him set priorities, mainly focused on local neighborhoods. Even though Syracuse is economically expanding, Hogan believes areas around the city have not seen much progress.

“These neighborhoods languish, I believe real leadership establishes priorities and the one priority of my administration is to re-establish the integrity of every neighborhood in the city. Creek walks and gazebos, and bike trails are grand amenities. But let’s not forget what’s really important, the safety and well being of our neighborhoods.”


Hogan plans to involve citizens more, taking in their opinions and comments on how he can better serve the city.  He does face some criticisms from current city Mayor Stephanie Miner. Her campaign notes that he did not seek party support to ensure his place in the primary.  Miner Campaign Manager Kyle Madden called the announcement of Hogan, Councilor Lance Denno and City Court Judge Candidate Louis Levine a “slap in the face to city Democrats” for mounting primary challenges against the party designees.