'Peak Fest' Music Event Features Ski Resort's Summer Appeal

Apr 10, 2014

Greek Peak will promote its Hope Lake Lodge and other summer activities during its 'Peak Fest' Music Festival.
Credit GreekPeak.net

  Summer season might not be the time you think about heading to a ski resort. Greek Peak owners John Meier and Marc Stemerman have been skiing on the mountain for the past thirty years. But it wasn’t until last summer that they took time to enjoy the off season.

“We never realized how beautiful the area was in the summer months, when all the trees are growing and the grass and the wild flowers. Being big fans of music we said ‘you know what, why don’t we have our own festival with music?’ We’ve been to various venues like this and we wanted our own.”

This summer the resort will host its first annual music festival “Peak Fest.”

Todd Hobin, Professor Louie, and Miss Marie (both from the Crowmatix), jam at Peak Fest press conference
Credit Tom Honan/Livespace Entertainment

 Todd Hobin and his band are just one of the musical guests set to perform. For Hobin, this mountain in particular brings back memories.

“I used to play here forty years ago in the lodge and for our band, the Todd Hobin Band, to come back here is epic. What they’ve done on the side of this mountain and this valley is unbelievable. When you look around at all the buildings and all the water rides, it’s beautiful stuff they’ve done. It’s going to be an amazing weekend.”

Professor Louie and the Crowmatix will join Hobin for the festival, as well as Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason, Firefall and Pure Prairie League.

Between the water park, adventure center and hope lake lodge resort, Owner Marc Stemerman says the festival is the next of many exciting events for the year round resort.

The Peak Fest takes place July 19th.