Syracuse Drivers Can Use Mobile Phone App to Find, Pay For Downtown Parking

Aug 19, 2014

People might be able to find parking easier - and pay for it more conveniently - with new mobile phone app specially for Syracuse
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  People trying to find a parking place in Syracuse can go high tech and use a new mobile phone app.  The service called Whoosh will also let you pay for that parking right from your phone.  Mayor Stephanie Miner announced the service today – and it’s already up and running.  Drivers can just open the app on their phones right after they’ve parked the car.

"You don’t have to get out of your car and in the winter climb over a snow bank and put your credit card or phone in.  This is a continued effort on our part to make our city more technically friendly and easier to live in.  We’ve heard time and time again complaints about having to climb through snow banks to pay for parking and now we’ve found a way where you’re not going to have to do that.”

The Whoosh Mobile App is ready to help pay and find parking right from your phone
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  Plus…the app will tell you when your parking is about to expire.  Miner says then you can add time right from your phone without having to leave that meeting or cut short your lunch.  There won’t be a paper receipt on your dash…but city parking patrols will know by your license plate that you’re all paid up.  

The Whoosh app is spelled W-H-O-O-S-H…it’s working on downtown city streets for right now and there are plans to expand to the east and west.